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Dear friends

Karate Braga will perform for the second time the International Seminar Budo karate in the city of Braga on June 10th and 11th, 2023. This is a two-day seminar of intense activity in which the guest instructor is an icon in this art of worldwide recognized karate that comes purposefully from Japan.

This is the second time this legendary master will visit our country and in view of the positive feedback we have received from the first edition, we expect an equally massive uptake of karateka from across the country, from neighboring countries as well as from further afield.

In this second edition and at the request of many participants of the first edition, we will organize a fraternization dinner on Saturday at the end of the day, which will be open to all practitioners and companions, in order to enable the conviviality and strengthen the bonds of friendship in a more relaxed way with André Bertel Sensei, where in addition to the buffet dinner, we will have hilarious moments of KK (karatekas at karaoke).

Interested parties should consult the general information and register in time for dinner.

The Seminar and Social Dinner will be open to all karatekas, all clubs and associations, regardless of their affiliation.

Only the will of training, the sharing of knowledge, the pursuit of evolution and improvement, connects us and interests us.

It will be a unique opportunity to once again dazzle and experience Karate-Do.

(A new way, back to the way)

For this reason the coming of Japan from Sensei André Bertel is the right choice.

Bertel Sensei was the long-time personal student of Tetsuhiko Asai Sensei (1935-2006), who unfortunately died very early and practiced the Shotokan form in a very special way.

If we look closely, this special form and connection with traditional Japanese budo can be seen, experienced and felt in André Bertel Sensei.

Not surprisingly, he is so respected worldwide as an instructor of this art of budo.

We thank the competent national, regional and local authorities, namely the Municipality of Braga and the Union of Parishes of Real, Dume and Semelhe, and all the sponsors who join us in this project, collaborating with us in this event of international dimension. We need the help of all and with union, we may find the strength…

To all who visit us, we hope to meet your best expectations, but we are sure that this seminar will once again be of great wealth, contributing to the growth of all of us on this common path, which embodies the present with the past and the past. collects us for the future.

Karate Braga

Francisco Pinto

General Information

Event 2nd International Seminar Budo Karate
Instructor Sensei André Bertel 7th Dan (Oita Japan)
Organization Karate Braga
When 10th and 11th of June 2023
Seminar's Local Real's Elementary School's Sports Hall (EB 2,3 de Real)
(Av. de São Frutuoso, 4700-291 Real, Braga, Portugal)
Dinner's Local Restaurant: Mocho Eventos
Rua de Santo André 71, Semelhe, 4705-780 Braga
Training's Schedule Saturday: 10h30 to 12h30 and 14h00 to 16h00
Sunday: 10h30 to 12h30 e 14h00 to 16h00
Dinner's Schedule Saturday: 19h30
Lunches A light meal service will be available between training sessions.
Graduation Starting at 5th Kyu
Seminar's Pricing Special discounts for groups:
- Groups of 6: we offer 1 ticket;
- Groups of 10: we offer 2 tickets.

2 days: 50 euros
1 day: 30 euros
On site: plus 5 euros to the above mentioned values.
Dinner's Fee
(Socializing with the Master)
20 euros for each person
Merchandising All merchandising products will be exposed at the site.
Responsibility The host rejects any responsibility for accidents in training.
Payment details Bank Number (IBAN): PT50 0036 0008 9910 0131 1615 2
Owner: Plantel Positivo - Associação Desportiva e Cultural
Contacts Seminar's Email:
Karate Braga's Email:
Messenger Karate Braga:
Messenger Francisco Pinto:

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